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First Urban is comprised of a team of land development experts with vast experience in Canada and abroad. Team members have extensive backgrounds in property development that include community planning, engineering, marketing, financing, project management, & construction.


Our First Foundation

Founded in 1971 as a homebuilder; the First Urban team has evolved into a highly diversified and able team of visionaries who provide long-term strategic thinking and successful realization of development goals.


From conception to implementation through to full project management, the First Urban Inc. team provides hands-on-management and leadership with every project it undertakes.


A strong entrepreneurial approach permits quick decision-making, efficient production and the guidance necessary to achieve effective cost control while maintaining a high level of quality.

A Sense of Community First

From grand master-planned single-family neighbourhoods to today’s high-rise condominium communities, from destination shopping centers to desirable prestige industrial parks, First Urban’s commitment to developing long-lasting communities is paramount. With over 50 years in property development, First Urban’s portfolio boasts innovative, quality projects that have become landmark communities whose residents find to be places in which they can live, work or play.

First in Value & Vision

We build structures and relationships to last. First Urban is always committed to creating long-lasting value, ensuring sustainable growth and maintaining a high-performing portfolio of properties. Current and past partners consistently value our stability, integrity, and security. Additionally, they share our determination to enhance communities, while simultaneously benefiting our various stakeholders.

Confederation Villages, Brampton
Confederation Villages, Brampton

Current Projects

At First Urban, we are driven by passion and vision, committed to excellence, and focused on building enduring structures and vibrant communities.


Our real estate development projects combine innovative ideas and meticulous attention to detail to create exceptional spaces that exceed expectations. With expertise in both retail and residential developments, we construct buildings that stand the test of time and foster a sense of belonging.


Join us on this transformative journey as we shape the future of real estate, delivering extraordinary projects that inspire and endure.

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